Free Path Game for Kids

Stay in the Path is a very exciting, addictive and challenging game all ages can play. The only thing you must take care about is to moving in the path. Challenge your friends and family. If you like stay in the path game you will love this one. This is skill based game can help you Improve your skills and focus.

stay in the path

Game lover? Try this game and keep on your path. You can continue playing by purchasing extra life and keep your score. Keep going and the game will become faster and faster.

Game Instructions

  • Slide Left and Right
  • Tap on a Position for the Person to Move
  • Entire Goal is To Stay In the Golden Brick
  • Collect As Much Jewel As You Can
  • You Must Stay In the Path to Keep Going

Awesome Features:

  • Amazing Graphics
  • Awesome Game with Different Stage
  • Challenge a Friend

Try awesome Stay in the Path make you highest score and challenging with your friends, who is faster?!

Check out awesome stay in the path game and Make your suggestions for improvements.

Have fun!